Iran Resumes Excavations at Tappeh Shoqali

A04350481.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian archeologists have started the third phase of excavations at the country’s ancient Tappeh Shoqali site in the city of Varamin.

In the new phase of archeological excavations, the team will conduct stratigraphy studies on the 7,000-year-old site.

The site, located in the south of Tehran Province was first excavated by Ahmad Tehrani Moqaddam, an Iranian archeologist, in the late 70s.

Previous excavations yielded earthenware dating back to the late fifth and sixth centuries BCE. Remains of coal and ash were also found near a kiln, press tv said.

Archeologists have also unearthed numerous stone objects and earthenware bearing animal and plant patterns. The objects found in the lower strata were red and some had black decorative patterns.

Tappeh Shoqali is an important archeological site, which bears invaluable information about the central Iranian plateau.

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