Achaemenid Era Fort Discovered in Iran

A05046428.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Archaeologists carrying out surveys in Bam, Kerman province, since the devastating earthquake in December 2003 have discovered a fort from the Achaemenid era.

Shahram Zare, director of archaeological studies in Bam, said that studies conducted in 2005 had already confirmed that the remnants of an Achaemenid fort existed at the site.

He further said that those engaged in the exploratory works had also identified several Qanats from the period or earlier, and described them as important discoveries at the site.

An Islamic republic news agency report says that the findings unveiled prevalence of a great social and economic system in the region dating back to 2,000 years ago.

Zare said that signs of invasions by Alexander of Macedonia in the area were evident, and that remnants of colonies created by him throughout eastern Iran or elsewhere in the country had been identified.

He said that the excavations have also unearthed a dustbin from 2,000 years ago that included plant seeds and palm stone.

According to him, the contents of the dustbin reveal the diet of that era.

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