Russian infidels clashed with the Mujahideen and called aviation

1_1.jpgAccording to occupation sources, on the eve near the village of Selmantauzen (Vedeno district, province Nokhchicho, the Caucasus Emirate), gangs of Russian infidels the so-called “Special Forces” clashed with a mobile squad of the Mujahideen consisted of 8 to 10 fighters. After the gun battle, Russian invaders retreated and called aviation for help.

Invaders admitted that gunships and rocket systems had been used against the Mujahideen.


After a massive aerial and land bombardments of the assumed position of the Mujahideen, Russian declared that they have allegedly found one dead Mujahid.


Invaders do not give any information regarding their casualties, only saying that “Special Forces of Russian Ministry of Defense and Interior Troops of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs” are involved in the battle against the Mujahideen.

Kavkaz Center

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