US name three goals in the Caucasus

10140_1.jpgIn connection with the situation in the Caucasus, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Matthew Bryza said that the United States is pursuing three key objectives in this direction.The first objective of US is to support Georgia, US state dept spokesman said.


“First, we must support Georgia. We seek to address humanitarian concerns; sustain confidence in Georgia’s economy and restore economic growth; preserve the Georgian peoples’ democratic right to elect and maintain their leaders”, Bryza said.


The second objective of US in the Caucasus is blunting Russia’s strategic objectives of dismembering Georgia and undermining the Southern Energy Corridor.


“Our second key objective is to prevent Russia from drawing a line through Europe and declaring that nations on the wrong side of that line belong to Moscow’s “sphere of influence” and therefore cannot join the great institutions of Europe and the transatlantic family. US supports the right of every country to chose the path of its own development”.


The third object of US is “bolstering friends and partners in the broader region”.


“Third, we need to explore ways to shore up other countries on Russia’s periphery, and take advantage of some possible opportunities offered by the fallout from Russia’s invasion of Georgia,” diplomat said.


Bryza did not clarify what he meant. It is clearly, however, that he was talking about a possible use of precedent recognizing by Russia of South Ossetia and Abkhazia to work out a new policy towards certain regions in Russia itself.

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