Investigation of bloody Gaza clash urged

GAZA, Sept. 17 (UPI) — A Palestinian human rights group is calling on Hamas to conduct an investigation into bloody clashes between it and a Gaza City clan opposed to its rule.  

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights Tuesday said the Islamist militant group, which has ruled Gaza since the end of Israeli occupation last year, has a duty to determine if any the 11 killed and 42 wounded in Monday’s violence were innocent victims and to take measures to prevent human rights abuses.

In a release, the group said two of fatalities were children. In all, 10 members of the Dughmosh clan were slain, including the two children, as well as a police officer, while 42 people, including a woman and 10 police officers, were wounded.

The PCHR said it was investigating a report that the body of one of the dead, Jameel Dughmosh, was taken to a house where gunmen fired at the corpse. It said Hamas must comply with rules that discourage the use of excessive force and the harming of civilians.

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