Larijani Stresses Palestinians’ Need to Humanitarian Aid

A02582024.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani called for adopting measures to seriously deal with the inhuman actions of the Zionist regime against the Palestinian nation.

Larijani made the remarks in a telephone conversation with his Kuwaiti counterpart Jassem al-Khorafi on Sunday.

Referring to recent actions of the Zionist regime in tightening the grip over border crossings and preventing humanitarian aid from reaching occupied territories, he said that the Palestinian people are in dire need of humanitarian aid more than ever and Islamic countries should take proper decision to this end.

Calling the actions of the Zionist regime against defenseless Palestinian nation as “savage and inhuman”, Larijani said internal situation of the Zionist regime is very critical and they seek new adventurism outside the territory to mislead public opinion.

Larijani also urged the Palestinian groups to forge unity and solidarity.

The Kuwaiti parliament speaker, for his part, voiced his country’s readiness to cooperate with Iran to back oppressed Palestinian nation.

Iran and Kuwait have identical stands on the despatch of humanitarian assistance to the people of Palestine, he said.

People of the world as well as the Muslims have donated significant amount of relief aids to the Palestinians but all have been remained at closed border crossings, he said.

The two sides also underlined the need for further negotiations with other Islamic states in backing the oppressed Palestinians and sending humanitarian aid to them.

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