Ahmadinejad Terms Nuke-Seekers Politically Backward

A00674952.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad described those states seeking to acquire nuclear weapons as “politically backward”.

“The Era of nuclear bombs has ended and those who are after such weaponry are losers”, President Ahmadinejad told reporters during a press conference following his address to the 63rd UN General Assembly meeting in New York on Tuesday.

The Iranian president challenged the UN Nuclear Watchdog to report on the nuclear weapons of current nuclear weapon states and criticized major powers for stockpiling weapons of mass destruction.

Meanwhile foreign ministers from the six major powers canceled their meeting to discuss further sanctions against Iran after protests from Russia which has officially stated its opposition to further Iran sanctions.

The United States and its Western allies have repeatedly accused Iran of pursuing a secret nuclear weapons program, despite the UN Nuclear Watchdog finding no evidence support the claim.

“We believe the nuclear issue is resolved and the ongoing hue and cry is just negative propaganda,” press tv quoted Ahmadinejad as telling reporters.

US President George W. Bush has repeatedly threatened Iran, stating that “all options are on the table” if Iran continues its uranium enrichment program. Israeli officials, have also said explicitly that they would be prepared to carry out air strikes to end Iran’s nuclear program.

Earlier in his address to the world leaders at the 63rd session of the UN General Assembly, the Iranian president criticized the UN Security Council’s support for the Zionism under pressure from the United States and also its failure to end the US occupation of Iraq.

During his speech, Ahmadinejad slammed the “unjust (international) system” and urged respect for human dignity.

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