Iran Displays Art of Calligraphy in Rawalpindi

A0414034.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- A collection of calligraphic paintings by two Iranian artists was displayed at Iran’s cultural consulate in Rawalpindi on Friday.

Mohammad Taghi Ibrahiminiya and Mohammad Naeji of Iran were personally present in the exhibition showcasing their calligraphic work and giving briefing about their work to the art lovers.

While talking to ‘The News’ Mohammad Taghi Ibrahiminiya said that he developed calligraphic interest from school days and by the time when he proceeded to college, he was conducting his solo calligraphic exhibitions in various art galleries of Iran.

He said, “I got my inspiration from Iran Calligraphy Association President Master Hussain Mir Khwani who was the top most calligraphist in Iran and I am honored to be his student.”

Ibrahiminiya said that in Iran around 30 per cent of schools, hire artists to teach calligraphy and that’s why children develop an inclination towards this form of art since childhood.

He said that most of the Iranians pick up calligraphy courses, adding that he has 30 years of experience of teaching at university level.

Giving the details of the writing forms of calligraphy, the artist said that in Iran four forms of writings are used. But in Pakistan, he said ‘Khat-e-Nastaleeq’ and Khat-e-Nasq’ are widely used. He advised calligraphists to work more in the other two forms.

The calligraphy work also included Persian versus of Allama Iqbal’s poetry and the poetry of Hafiz Shirazi. The motifs used in the painting were close to miniature art and had very fine strokes that gave the illusion of a print.

The works of both painters had finesse and detailed intricate designs that also showcased paintings with pure gold. The exhibition will remain open till September 28, 2008.

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