sadeghzadeh200810051815105006.JPGKamov, one of the major helicopter producers in Russia, hopes to sign a contract by the year’s end to sell its helicopters to Iran.

Roman Chernyshev, the company’s director said that the contract would supply “civil rather than military helicopters” to Iran, RIA Novosti reported.

He noted that other Russian aircraft producers had already signed deals with Iran, which include one for delivery of more than 100 Tu-204 medium-haul passenger airliners.

Chernyshev noted that his company has received a 2.5-billion ruble (USD 100m) loan from Vnesheconombank to produce the Ka-226 utility helicopters.

The Ka-226T can carry either eight people or 1.5 tons of cargo and can undergo a variety of modifications for passenger, freight, search and rescue, and patrol usages.


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