FM Meets New Ambassadors to Iran

A04108397.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- In separate meetings on Tuesday the new Mexican, Italian, Australian, Belgian, Uruguayan ambassadors submitted their credentials to Iranian Foreign Minister Manoucher Mottaki.

Mottaki, in a meeting with Mexican ambassador, stressed the importance of bilateral ties between Iran and Mexico.

Mottaki slammed certain countries for their “so-called campaign” against extremism and terrorism, saying that these countries furtively hold talks with “terrorists and extremists” and this is not the right way to deal with the issue.

Mexican ambassador, for his part, stressed the need to expand cultural and parliamentary relations between the two countries.

In his meeting with Italian ambassador, Iran’s top diplomat criticized the Italian officials’ stance on regional issues especially in regard to Iran, Tehran Times reported.

Mottaki suggested that Italy can play an important role in resolving regional disputes.

Stressing the need to increase bilateral ties, Mottaki added he hopes that the new Italian government would realize the “regional realities” and adopt a “stance based on them”.

The Italian ambassador, for his part, said, “We are proud that we work in a country that enjoys a rich culture and civilization.”

He added that Iran has greatly contributed to world cultural heritage and civilization through its innovations.

The ambassador said due to a lack of information unfortunately Italians do not have a clear picture of Iran and it is “my responsibility to try to present the real image of Iran to my nation.”

In a meeting with the Australian ambassador, Mottaki criticized some statements by the Australian Foreign Minister about Iran. Mottaki called for political consultation with Canberra and an expansion of ties between the two countries.

Australian ambassador said his mission is to develop Iran-Australia relations, adding that Iran is a very important country in the region.

In his meeting with the Belgian ambassador, Mottaki called Brussels the “center of Europe” which a long history of ties with Iran.

Belgian ambassador, for his part, called Iran an important power in the region, saying that Iran plays a key role in maintaining peace and stability in the Middle East.

He also added that Iran is not only a big power in the region but also a major energy exporter in the world.

Mottaki, in a meeting with new Uruguayan ambassador, said Iran favors an expansion of ties with Latin American countries.

Uruguayan ambassador, for his turn, said his country seeks to boost ties with Iran.

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