Ghalghaycho: explosions, bombardments, diversions

13.jpgA building of the gang “MIA of Ingushetia” was came under fire from grenade launchers and automatic weapons in the city of Malgobek last night, Shawwal 3, 1429 (October, 3 2008). The details of the attack have not been reported. The building was damaged, local sources said. The attack has continued for about 15 minutes.

An explosion went off near the building of the district office of the Security Service’s (FSB) department for Ingushetia in the city of Malgobek at about 09:30 local time on Saturday morning. Invaders claim that nobody was hurt. The explosive device was under a car parked near the building.


Alcohol shops were set on the fire last night in the Malgobek and in the Sunja districts of the Province of Ghalghaycho (Ingushetia) of the Caucasus Emirate.


Three shops and a stall, which sells alcohol, were set on the fire at about 04:30 local time on Saturday.  Another shop was set on fire in the village of Ordzhonikidzevskaya, invaders reported.


Shootings were also occurred in the city of Nazran last night.  As the local opposition sources reported, intense exchange of fire has been taken place in the vicinity of Tsenter-Kamaz. Details of clashes have not been reported.


Meanwhile, sabotage squad of the Mujahideen fired from sniper rifles on Russian infidels in the district of the village Yandari, last Friday. URAL army truck with invaders aboard was subjected to attack. The precise data on the results of the attack are unknown. Infidels do not give any information about this sabotage action.


On Saturday morning, Russian infidels and local apostates has blocked one of the areas of Nazran city, the Gamurziyev. The territory has been declared a so-called “zone of antiterrorist operation”.


The command of infidels announced that “militants” operating in this district.

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