Ukraine anger as another election looms

The people of Ukraine face a third election in three years — a second in a year — after President Viktor Yushchenko dissolved Parliament yesterday. The political in-fighting between the president’s party and that of Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko made it quite clear that the coalition government could not go on. Yushchenko set a deadline for some sign of agreement, but it passed unanswered.

At the root of this latest dispute is the reaction of Timoshenko’s party to the war in Georgia. Yushchenko said she had not been hard enough on Russia for its military action. But the two political rivals have been struggling for supremacy ever since they came to power on the back of their Orange Revolution. Yushchenko has already fired Timoshenko once before when they did not see eye- to-eye. Their collaboration this time around was a matter of political expediency.

New elections will be held on December 7th and the Ukrainian people are up in arms, saying it will be a waste of time. “How many times do we have to vote?” has been a frequent question in the streets.

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