Karroubi to Reveal Decision Oct. 12

A02436314.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Secretary General of Iran’s National Confidence Party Mehdi Karroubi will announce his final decision on his presidential candidacy on Oct 12.

The reformist cleric is set to expound his party’s stance on the country’s current affairs and announce his decision about running in the tenth presidential election at a press conference on Sunday October 12.

In a unanimous vote, the central council of the National Confidence Party approved participation of Karroubi as the Party’s candidate in the next presidential elections in June.

The former two-term parliament speaker announced earlier that he would consult with sources of emulation in Qom before declaring his final decision, press tv reported.

Former reformist President Mohammad Khatami is possibly among the presidential hopefuls. He recently announced that his candidacy was conditional, depending on how much it might affect ongoing developments.

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