Larijani: Persepolis Palace Represents Iranian Civilization

A03143009.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said here Friday evening while visiting Persepolis Palace Complex that the site is an important tourist resort and an important symbol of Iranian civilization.

Ali Larijani who was visiting the Achaemenid era place complex site in continuation of his visit of Shiraz spent one hour visiting the various sections of the ancient monument carefully, after which he also visited the complex’s museum.

On the sideline of the visit and in a meeting with the press in response to a question what plans is the parliament pursuing for boosting country’s tourism industry, particularly regarding the Persepolis Place Complex, he said, “In recent years greater efforts have been made to boost the country’s tourism industry, and the matter is worth still greater attention.”

The Parliament speaker emphasized that Iran is an ancient country, reiterating, “In the past, such countries as Greece and Egypt used to be poles for international tourism side by side with Iran, but today we notice that countries that lack noticeable historic records, too, have adopted measures aimed at boosting their tourism industry from the historical point of the view.”

“We need to resort to infrastructure works in this respect, particularly since our country has features that are important for our peripheral countries, and that tourists that do research about historic facts attach great importance to the historic monuments of Iran,” Larijani underscored, the Islamic Republic News Agency reported.

He added, “We need to provide appropriate facilities in our country to encourage the tourists to come to Iran and to experience a pleasant visit of our ancient land.”

Larijani reiterated, “We had better take a comprehensive look in to the matter and I think the government should draft an appropriate tourism document to match the objectives of our Twenty-Year Perspective Document.”

The Majlis Speaker reiterated, “At the Parliament there is a positive approach towards tourism, particularly about Shiraz, that is of a special effect in giving identity to our tourism industry, and therefore, has a high place in attracting the related investments.”

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