Islamic Countries Support Iran’s Bid for UNSC Membership

A05148128.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Islamic Countries Inter-Parliamentary Union (ICIPU) in a meeting Monday in Geneva on the sidelines of IPU Conference in its closing communiqué voiced support for Iran’s bid for UN Security Council membership.

The ICIPU members had earlier in the day unanimously supported the idea of Iran’s membership at the UNSC at the meeting and the strong support of the Islamic countries was reflected in the ICIPU communiqué as an official record.

The United Nations Security Council would on Friday, October 17th, choose its five temporary members for a two-year period.

Iran and Japan from Asia, Austria, Iceland, and Turkey from Europe, Uganda from Africa, and Mexico from South America are competitors for the next two years’ membership of the UNSC, which is in need of at least 128 votes of the UN General Assembly members.

Iran had earlier in 1955 become a member of the UNSC for a two year prior.

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