Architects Reconstruct Tomb of Cyrus

A05256687.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Architects completed reconstruction of the roof of the tomb of Emperor Cyrus the Great, the director of Parseh Research Foundation says.

“Experts used stone materials to mend fissures created over the passage of time,” said Mohammad Hassan Talebian, Director for the Parseh Research Foundation.

The 2500-year old monument, standing in Pasargade in central Fars Province, was repaired four decades ago with construction materials such as cement and concrete.

“The cement that was used for repair had shifted and created crevices which drained water into the building. The process brought about serious damage to the monument,” press tv quoted him as saying.

Talebian pointed mistakes which were made during the previous reconstruction operation saying stone exceeding several tons had not been put in their original position.

These blocks of stone were returned to their original alignment during the reconstruction projects, he added.

The resting place of Cyrus the Great is located in Pasargade, the capital of Persia when Cyrus was ruling.

The tomb, made of limestone and sand, was discovered in 1951. The 36- foot high Achaemenid dynasty tomb is built like a ziggurat. The roof is made up of five huge slanted stones to protect the monument from heavy rain.

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