Khatami Announces Creation of TV Station to Promote Dialogue

A015920020.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Former Iranian President Seyed Mohammed Khatami announced on Monday the creation of a new satellite TV network.

The network’s aim will be to “promote dialogue between civilizations.”

However, article 175 of Iran’s constitution forbids private television and radio channels from being set-up.

“If this channel is not running yet, it is because we lack the funds to do it. We do not intend, however, to collect funds everywhere and without conditions, we will do it respecting certain principles,” said Khatami.

However, Khatami did not specify in which language the channel will broadcast, nor the name of the station.

Three years ago, Khatami attempted to broadcast in Farsi language from Dubai’s Media City, but permission was denied.

Last week, Khatami met with international leaders to promote dialogue among cultures and religions.

The ceremony took place in Yazd, located in central Iran, which is the birthplace of reformist ex-president Khatami.

Former Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi attended the meeting.

On Sunday, sources close to Khatami said that he has decided against a third run for public office, and will instead endorse another reformist candidate, former Prime Minister Mir-Hossein Mousavi.

Khatami was Iran’s president from 1997-2005.

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