Larijani: Impeachment of Interior Minister Last Resort

A0503152.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said that impeachment would be the last resort in dealing with educational status of the Interior Minister, Ali Kordan.

“This matter must first of all be dealt with by (Kordan) himself and then by the government. Dealing with this issue at the parliament is the final option. We must not jump straight to the last stage (impeachment),” Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said in an interview with FNA.

In a September 7 letter, Kordan, who assumed the leadership of the Interior Ministry in August, announced that his Oxford University degree was not genuine. Since then, members of the Parliament – Iran’s Parliament – have been considering his impeachment.

On Wednesday, some 20 lawmakers submitted a petition to the Parliament calling for the Minister’s impeachment. Kordan’s future as interior minister will be discussed by the Parliament on October 26.

Kordan has pressed charges against the person who gave him the degree as an Oxford University representative in Tehran.

At one period in his career Kordan served as deputy to Larijani, who was then the head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.

In a recent interview, Larijani said he had never asked about Kordan’s degree during that period. However, he added that Kordan was a hard-working individual.

In a vote of confidence on August 5, Kordan won the approval of the Parliament by a clear margin of 169 votes to 64.

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