Serbia Seeks Money for New Power Plants

Belgrade – By the end of the year, Serbia’s government will invite bids to complete the development of key thermoelectric plants, the country’s Mining and Energy Minister Petar Skundric says.

Skundric said that a total of €1.65 billion will be required for the completion of two new blocks in Kolubara B and another one in the Nikola Tesla B power plants, both just outside the capital Belgrade.

“Tender offers will be completed by the end of the year,” he said without elaborating further about the details of the bids.

The development of the Kolubara B was initiated by the former communist government in 1988. It stopped in 1991 following the collapse of the former Yugoslavia and has not resumed since. 

To maintain operations of the existing two coal-powered generator blocks at Kolubara B, Serbian authorities have so far invested some €300 million but its “completion to full operational status will require at least another €550 million for its completion,” Skundric said.

Serbia is dependant on energy imports “particularly in winter months “and in the last two decades, “the country has not built a single new energy-producing facility,” Skundric said.

“Our key goal is to secure stable energy supplies,” he said and added that Serbia should keep “a dominant role in the ownership in Serbia’s power sector.”

Earlier this year, the Serbian government announced it wants to sell a minority stake in EPS and other major state-operated assets and deliver free shares to some 4 million people.

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