19 Countries to Take Part in Iran’s 15th Press Exhibit

A05255896.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Some 19 countries have so far voiced their readiness to take part in the 15th Press and News Agencies Exhibition, which is to be held here at Imam Khomeini Mosalla (grand prayers ground) from November 16-22.

Announcing this, deputy minister of culture and Islamic guidance for press and information dissemination affairs, Ali Reza Malekian said that some 27 countries were invited to the event, of which 19 have so far declared their readiness to partake in it.

The countries include Italy, Germany, Pakistan, Turkey, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, France, Egypt, Morocco, Venezuela, Iraq, India, Vietnam, Qatar, Russia, Malaysia and Afghanistan.

Malekian further said that a total of 3,200 works have been submitted to the exhibition’s secretariat by domestic reporters, photographers, writers and news agencies, the Islamic republic news agency reported.

Commenting on the special section of the exhibit, he also said that it will be held under four subsections of the year of innovation and prosperity, six decades of resistance by the Palestinians as well as Lebanese struggle against the Israelis, promoting culture and sacrifice, praying and promoting virtue and preventing vice.

Some 487 works have been submitted to this section, he said, adding that 19 works have also been sent to the event by foreign media missions in Iran.

A total of 470 publications and news agencies have voiced their readiness to take part in the event, he said.

This year’s exhibition will be held under the motto of ‘Promoting Content and Strengthening journalism’, Malekian concluded.

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