Interior Minister Says No to Resignation

A0525589.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Interior Minister Ali Kordan said he will not resign from his post, arguing that doing so does not serve the country’s interest.

Kordan, who acknowledged in a September 27 letter that he was in possession of a forged Oxford University degree, must obtain a confidence vote on November 4.

Ever since the revelation about his doctorate degree, Iranian parliamentarians have called on Kordan to resign before he is impeached on the Parliament floor.

More than 30 lawmakers from the Iranian Parliament’s Principalist bloc, which holds the majority of seats in Parliament, have supported the impeachment move.

In a Tuesday meeting with members of the bloc, Kordan rejected widespread calls for his resignation.

“I feel that my resignation will not serve the raison d’être. Therefore, I will not resign,” press tv quoted the newly appointed minister as saying.

A spokesman for the Principalist bloc, Mohammad-Hassan Abou-Tourabi, who attended the meeting confirmed that Kordan was asked to resign before his impeachment day.

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