Kosovo Law ‘Should Protect Minorities’

Pristina – The fact that UN envoy Martti Ahtisaari won the Nobel Peace Prize should encourage Kosovo to build a multi-ethnic society where the rule of law prevails, says the Belgian parliamentary speaker.

In a special parliamentary session in Pristina, Herman Van Rompuy said Kosovo should encourage the rule of law if it aspires to become member of the European family.

He declared Belgium was proud to have been among the first countries to recognise Kosovo’s declaration of independence from Serbia one day after the move on February 17.

“Sympathy and moral support are very important but concrete actions are essential,” Rompuy urged.

He added that independence was the outcome of a long period of patience by the Kosovar people and its leadership.

Ahtisaari mediated talks on Kosovo’s final status between Serbia and Kosovo and recommended Kosovo’s ‘supervised independence’ last year.

Kosovo had been administered by the United Nations since 1999 following a conflict between Serb forces and Kosovo’s ethnic Albanian majority.

Rompuy argued that Ahtisaari had urged Kosovo’s local institutions to sign a ‘contract’ with ethnic minorities to help build an open society in which the rights of everyone are respected.

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