Albania Urges Malaysia to Recognise Kosovo

Pristina – Albania hopes Malaysia will soon recognise Kosovo’s independence, contributing to preserving peace and stability in the region, media in Kuala Lumpur report.

“I was promised by the Malaysian government that they are studying the issue for recognising Kosovo’s independence,” said Albania’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Edit Harxhi.

Harxhi said that the Balkans had undergone many conflicts and it is time to forget the past and to turn a new page, and Malaysia could play its part by recognising Kosovo.

She made her comments during a visit to Malaysia, where she is discussing bilateral trade between the two countries.

Malaysia, population 27 million, is the world’s largest producer of rubber and tin, and is also one of the world’s top exporters of semiconductor devices, computer hard disks, audio and video products, and room air-conditioners.

The boom in technology has fuelled Malaysia’s economic growth, where Gross Domestic Product per capita is the highest in southeast Asia outside the small states of Singapore and Brunei.
However ethnic tensions between Malaysia’s majority Muslim Malays, and minority Chinese and Indian populations have intensified in recent years.

Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia on February 17. Until now it has been recognised by 51 states around the world. 

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