Egypt ‘Weighing’ Kosovo Recognition

Pristina – Egypt will very soon recognise Kosovo’s independence, says Abdullah Al Eshal, Cairo’s former deputy foreign minister and counsel to President Hosni Mubarak. 

He said to be willing to send back to his home country a message of the new reality created in Kosovo, in order for Egypt not to postpone the recognition of Kosovo’s independence from Serbia.

“I want to inform you that recognition from Egypt will come very soon, after being informed of your history and your efforts in state-building. Our country is willing to contribute to peace and stability in the region,” pledged Al Eshal in Pristina.

A prominent Albanian activist in Egypt, Beqir Ismaili, who organised the round table entitled “Kosovo and Egypt”, said now is the time for Cairo and other Arab countries to recognise Kosovo’s independence, in order to facilitate its integration.

The conference was attended by an Egyptian delegation with the aim of informing them of the progress of Kosovo state-building.

Kosovo declared independence from Serbia on February 17.

Until now, it has been recognised by 52 states around the world. Malaysia was the latest to announce the recognition on Friday.

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