Jundollah top terrorist ‘seriously injured’

ostovar200811031206102962.jpgThe ringleader of Jundollah terrorist group, Abdolmalek Rigi, has reportedly been seriously wounded in clashes on the Iran-Pakistan border.

Several militants from the Jundollah terrorist cell were also killed in the Sunday clashes.

“Four top members of Jundollah were killed and ringleader Abdolmalek Rigi was seriously injured in clashes with Iranian forces on the border Iran’s Sistan-Baluchestan province with Pakistan on Sunday,” Fars news agency quoted Samaa TV on Monday.

Pakistani news sources confirm that the clashes have occurred but have so far publicized no information on whether Rigi has been apprehended.

Jundollah, reportedly funded by the CIA, has orchestrated terrorist operations against high-profile Iranian figures, particularly government and security officials.

ABC news reported in 2007 that the terrorist cell has been ‘secretly encouraged and advised’ by American officials since 2005.


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