Three Bulgarian Parties Merge

Sofia – Three Bulgarian political parties, the LIDER Party, the nationalist VMRO, and the Agrarian People’s Union, have united to form a new centre-right coalition called “Napred” (“Forward”).

The new political movement was formed in the National Palace of Culture in Sofia before 5000 delegates of the three parties from all over the country.

In their speeches, the leaders of the three parties called for a new approach to politics in Bulgaria.

The VMRO leader Krasimir Karakachanov emphasised that political parties should serve and unite Bulgaria, not the other way around as in the past 19 years.

The Chair of the Agrarian People’s Union Stefan Lichev added that the only motto the new coalition needed should be “For Peace, Bread, and Freedom”. He pointed out Bulgaria should be in the European Union with dignity, and not just a piece of territory.

The formal leader of the LIDER party, Kancho Filipov declared the new coalition was a new political entity that could only be characterised as a factor for stability.

The informal leader and founder of the LIDER party, the Bulgarian millionaire Hristo Kovachki added the aim of their new political project was to make Bulgaria a prosperous country.

He promised that the new coalition was going to offer a new more expert-oriented, technocratic approach in government affairs, and that its economic policies were to aim at uniting the Danube-Black Sea Region, where Bulgaria would become a leading player.

“The future of the EU is logically moving towards our region,” Kovachki stated.

The cornerstone of the proposed policies of the new coalition is encouraging Bulgarian manufacturers and entrepreneurs, generating wealth, and introducing adequate subsidies for the agricultural producers.

The political programme also includes measures to overcome the demographic crisis, high-quality education, accessible and efficient healthcare, the creation of a National Guard to assist people in case of emergencies, guaranteeing public safety, and an efficient justice system.

Napred aims at becoming the third biggest political force at next year’s parliamentary elections, behind Sofia Mayor Boyko Borisov’s opposition GERB party and Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev’s Socialists.

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