Kosovo Ups Budget by 15%

04 November 2008 Pristina – Kosovo’s first independently-compiled budget for 2009 will be €1.43 billion, an increase of 15 percent on 2008.

Kosovo’s government on Monday set the projected budget for the coming year.

Kosovo’s Prime Minister Hashim Thaci pledged this will open new opportunities for sustainable development.

According to the budget, Kosovo aims to maintain economic growth of 6 percent and increase in capital investment of 40 percent.

Salary hikes of 10 percent for civil servants, belt-tightening measures for central institutions with 15 percent cuts in spending for the President’s office, the Prime Minister’s office and Parliament and 10 percent cuts in spending for local municipalities have all been calculated into the new budget.

This is the first time Kosovo has completely independently compiled its budget and without the assistance of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo.

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