Iran Opens Arms to Tourism Investors

A04761746.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad welcomed investment in the country’s tourism industry, noting that travel can broaden the human perspective.

Speaking at the second conference of tourism investment opportunities, Ahmadinejad noted Iran’s desire to promote tourism and discussed the wider benefits that travel can bring.

“Besides the financial revenue stemming from the industry, tourism can fundamentally change the perspective of humankind from a tribal to a global view.”

“Investors in tourism affect culture to an even greater extent than the economy, and they can help human culture to develop more effectively,” press tv quoted him as saying.

Tehran’s Milad Tower hosts 450 international investors from 58 countries
The tourism conference opened in Tehran on Saturday and 450 international investors from 58 countries, including the US and France, are expected to attend.

The event is showcasing $50 billion worth of investment opportunities in Iran’s tourism industry, including more than 2,000 investment packages at a national and international level.

Tehran’s 435-meter tall Milad Tower is hosting the event, which ends today.

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