Serbian Police Raid Factory, No Mladic

10 November 2008 Belgrade – Special Serbian police units came out empty handed after a raid on a factory in the western town of Valjevo in an apparent attempt to arrest General Ratko Mladic, sought for war crimes by the UN War Crimes Tribunal.

According to local media, police units were deployed in and around the Vujic factory, just outside the city of Valjevo for about five hours. They left the factory with 13 photos allegedly showing the owner of the factory with “some Hague fugitives but not Ratko Mladic” Serbia`s RTS web portal reported.

“I have never seen or met Ratko Mladic,” said Vidoje Vujic, the owner of the factory confirming that police took the photos.

Earlier, Bruno Vekaric, a spokesman for Serbia’s war crimes prosecutor, said “interior ministry officials were looking for Mladic in the Valjevo district”. He refused to elaborate further. In video footage posted on YouTube, police were seen guarding the factory premises.

Mladic, the former Bosnia Serb military commander during the 1992-95 war, has been indicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia for war crimes and genocide.

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