Suicide bombers bring renewed bloodshed to Iraq

Suicide bombers, one of them reportedly a girl of 13, have shattered Iraq’s relative stability of recent months, killing at least 32 people.

A double bomb attack in Baghdad left 28 dead and almost 70 injured.

The blasts occurred early this morning in the Kasra district. The first was caused by a car bomb. As people rushed to help the victims a suicide bomber set off a second device in the middle of the crowd. It was one of the worst incidents of violence in Iraq in months.

Bloodshed in Iraq has decreased dramatically over the past year and militants no longer control whole swathes of its towns and villages.

While bomb attacks on civilian and military targets still occur daily, such massive strikes are rare.

Separately, in Baquba to the north of Baghdad , four people died when a girl, whom police say was just 13, blew herself up at a checkpoint.

It is not yet clear who was behind today’s killings.

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