After Yevkurov’s appointment as ‘president of Ingushetia’, Kadyrov demands to kill Yamadayev

8.jpgSources in the Province of Nokhchicho (Ichkeria) of the Caucasus Emirate reported that the appointment of officer of GRU (Russia’s military intelligence) Yevkurov as a ringleader of puppet regime in Magas instead of officer of the FSB (Russian Secret Service) Zyazikov, dismayed the ringleader of Chechen apostates Kadyrov. 

Rumors are actively being exaggerated in Chechnya saying that headed by loyal to Dmitry Medvedev Valentin Korabelnikov the GRU military intelligence, which is in competition with the FSB, may become the primary personnel source for the creatures of Medvedev in the North Caucasus.


In this regard, the Zyazikov’s resignation and the appointment of Yevkurov are seen as a signal that the FSB’s proteges in the Caucasus, primarily the Kadyrov, may soon be replaced.


Less than a few days after the onset of Yevkurov in Magas, as Kadyrov demanded an immediate search and destroy of Sulim Yamadayev, a GRU colonel, who after the death of a senior Yamadayev, was in his opinion, the last competitor of the main Moscow’s puppets in Chechnya. (Kadyrov does not regard the ringleader of “Zapad/West” gang Kakiyev as a “political figure”).


Russian media reported that Kadyrov’s “MIA” has been commissioned an urgent search and arrest of Sulim Yamadayev. In the language of real life, this means that Kadyrov calls for the immediate killing of Yamadayev under any pretext, for example, “resistance during arrest”.

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