Macedonian Party Leader Relative Killed

12 November 2008 Skopje – Redza Zulkani, the brother-in-law of Menduh Thaci, the leader of the main opposition ethnic Albanian party in Macedonia, was shot dead late Tuesday, local media reported.

The police on Wednesday said they arrested one suspect believed to be linked with the murder but refused to speculate about the motives.

The shooting, which happened in the north-western town of Tetovo, resembled a classic assassination, local Kanal 5 TV reported. A vehicle carrying unidentified gunmen intercepted the 46-year-old Zulkani on his way home, opened a burst of machine gun fire onto him, then quickly escaped, the media said.

The injured, with multiple gunshot wounds, was rushed to hospital where he passed away after several hours during which doctors attempted to save his life.

Zulkani was Thaci’s wife’s brother. He was locally known as a businessman and owner of a coffee shop in Tetovo.

It is not clear whether the incident is political. Thaci has not commented on the event.

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