Thaci Maintains Stance on UN in Kosovo

12 November 2008 Pristina – Kosovo’s Prime Minister on Wednesday maintained his position that his government cannot accept the six point plan for the future of the UN Mission in Kosovo.

After the meeting of the Parliamentary Group of his Kosovo Democratic Party, Thaci said Pristina cannot make concessions in order to accommodate the plan and said his government will not yield to pressure.

“There will be no pressures on Pristina. Belgrade’s dreams of interfering in Kosovo’s sovereignty were ruined in February 17, with the declaration of independence,” he said.

Thaci made these comments after the UN, US and EU all appealed to the Kosovo government to show greater flexibility. An agreement on the future role of the UN in Kosovo will pave the way for the deployment of the EU’s Rule of Law Mission, EULEX.

In an interview with the Pristina daily Koha Ditore, the EU’s Special Representative to Kosovo Pieter Feith sought to reassure readers that Kosovo is not being excluded from discussions over the future role of the UN and EULEX, and that negotiations are still taking place.

He said there will be no pressure on Pristina and pointed out that Kosovo has independently signalled a desire to continue dialogue.

While some Kosovars had hoped that EULEX would embark without the approval of the UN Security Council, Feith implied that a UN Security Council agreement is necessary for EULEX’s deployment.

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