Iranian Inventors Win Big in Kuwait

A04000977.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian inventors won seven gold medals and a special cash prize in the 2nd International Invention Fair in the Middle East.

The prize-winning Iranian inventions include innovative technology for modern heart transplant surgery developed by a 12-member group of physicians, new anesthesia and intensive care technology and a self-cleaning anti-bacterial fabric.

One of the Iranian inventors also won a USD 7500 cash prize, the Islamic republic news agency reported.

The exhibition kicked off in Kuwait on Sunday with the participation of 36 countries and will come to an end later on Thursday. A 25-member team representing Iran showcased 32 inventions at the exhibition.

Inventors from France, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Tunis, Egypt and Iraq are also taking part in the event.

Some 23 Iranian inventors had participated in the 1st International Invention Fair in the Middle East held in 2007 to make a high showing in the fields of medicine, engineering, pharmacology and nanotechnology.

Iran’s Ali-Asghar Beterfan managed to win the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences’ second prize in the 2007 exhibition.

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