Khatami Underlines Reformists’ Respect for Constitution

TEHRAN (FNA)- Former Iranian President Seyed Mohammad Khatami stated that reformists are bound to the constitution.

“The endeavor to implement the constitution is sacred and is one of the most important duties of the reformism,” Khatami told the third special meeting of the Baran Foundation on Friday.

The meeting was attended by some political activists, clergies, university teachers, students and researchers.

Khatami reiterated that the leaders of the society should be the first who respect the constitution, MNA reported.

He noted that humans have a natural right to determine their own fates.

“All generations in all times should make their own decisions sensibly and with determination. All this shows that the constitution is a subject to reform and all individuals have the right to reflect on it and make decisions.”

“It is not possible to leave the society to its own and deal with the social system based on whim and let the society sink in chaos and anarchy.”

Khatami went on to say that one of the most important aspects of the new conceptions of constitution is that the government has its own boundaries and that humans and societies have their own rights.

Khatami pointed to the process of drafting the constitution in Iran, saying, “One of the strengths of the Islamic Revolution is that, in comparison with other revolutions, it adopted a constitution quickly.”

Even after the representatives of people drafted the constitution, it was put to a referendum and this shows the constitution is completely democratic, he said.

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