Iran to Stage anti-Israel Rally on Friday

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranians will stage anti-Israel rallies on December 12 before Friday prayers.

Iranians will gather to voice hatred for Israel and their justice-seeking ideas in support of oppressed Gazans.

Gaza, after days of tolerating the Israeli imposed blockade, is paying for its resistance and perseverance and is being hanged guilty of seeking freedom, said a statement which called on the nation to join the rally.

Also Iran’s parliamentarians have each voiced support of Gaza Strip resistance and put the international community claims over human rights under question.

Human rights are only levers of the West for dominating the world, they have emphasized, the Iranian students news agency reported.

While urging the UN Security Council to take a role in ending the catastrophe they have warned against the time Muslims lose patience towards Israel.

Denouncing the Islamic states submissive way of dealing with the crisis which has deteriorated the situation against Gazans and emboldened Israel in continuing the crimes, lawmakers have called for freedom-seekers of world of Islam to take a serious step to respond Israel’s inhuman measures.

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