Moldova ‘Wants Good Ties with Romania’

Moldova’s President Vladimir Voronin has been cited as saying by his country’s state-owned news agency, that he wants good relations with often tense neighbour, Romania.

“We have absolutely nothing against the Romanian people and state. Romania is our neighbour, a member of the European Union. That is why, it would be senseless to craft any other policy than a friendly policy with a neighboring state – a member of the European Union,” Voronin stressed.

He rejected Bucharest’s allegations of ‘Romanophobia’ in Moldova.

Tensions between the countries have often been marred by suspicion.

Last month, Moldova’s government presented the Romanian ambassador with a document calling on Bucharest to refrain from making ‘provocative statements’ against Moldova’s statehood, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The document refers to recent attempts by Romanian Foreign Minister Lazar Comanescu to develop and strengthen relations between the two countries but warns Bucharest to pay careful attention to any declarations regarding Moldova they make.

Moldova was part of Romania from 1918 to 1940 until it was annexed by the Soviet Union. Moldova became independent in 1991 and the two countries share the same ethnic and linguistic background.

But relations between the two countries have sunk under Voronin’s Presidency, with the Moldovan leader accusing Romania of trying to seize his country.

In 2007 Moldova stopped Romania from opening two consulates in the country claiming Bucharest was trying to lure Moldovan citizens.

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