Spain protests over Greek death turn violent

MADRID (Reuters) – Youths in the Spanish cities of Madrid and Barcelona attacked a police station and a bank on Wednesday night following protests over the shooting by Greek police of a teenager in Athens, Spanish police said on Thursday.

In Madrid, a crowd of over 200 youths marched through streets in the city center on Wednesday night chanting “Police murderers” before turning on a police station where some began throwing stones at the building’s windows.

Six were arrested, including two minors, followed by another three arrests after attacks against a nearby bank, a spokeswoman for the Madrid police said on Thursday.

“It was all over by 10.30, but we’ve seen some calls for more protests on a web site that’s all in black. We don’t know if this will lead to anything,” she said.

In Barcelona, two were arrested after a group of youths broke off from a protest march and attacked a bank, breaking windows and destroying street furniture, a spokesman for Barcelona police said.

The protests came after several days of violent clashes between students and police in Athens after the shooting by Greek police of 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos.

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