Gazans Celebrate Anniversary of Hamas Formation

TEHRAN (FNA)- Hamas supporters staged a show of strength to mark the 21st anniversary of its founding.

200,000 Gaza residents took to streets of Gaza City to draw attention of the International Community to the hardship imposed on them by the Israeli blockade.

Ahead of the rally, spokesman Fawzi Barhum warned, “There is no sense in extending the truce while the enemy is not respecting it and is keeping Gaza in a state of siege,” the Islamic republic news agency reported.

In an address to the crowds, the head of the Hamas government in Gaza, Ismail Haniya, said that US President George W Bush’s administration has failed to defeat Hams, which has grown stronger.

“Bush failed, we have not been overthrown,” he said.

“Hamas is stronger and will remain stronger because it draws its strength from God.”

Coordinator of ceremonies declared from the podium that soon the green flags of Hamas would also fly in the West Bank – now governed by the Hamas rival Fatah – and introduced Haniya as “the future president of Palestine.”

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