Macedonia Introduces ‘E-Parliament’ Novelty

resizer9Macedonia’s parliament speaker Trajko Veljanovski on Monday presented the assembly’s new software system, simply called E-Parliament, aimed at speeding up legislative work and ensuring more transparency.

The system enables legislators to stay in touch and participate in the work of the assembly by submitting amendments even when they are travelling, by simply logging on to the parliament network. The software does not allow remote voting.

The software should also track the complete procedure of passing laws and other acts making the assembly’s work more transparent for the media and the public.

“The new system will enable us to see for example if I have completed my assigned work on time or not” Veljanovski said. “This way it would be easier to see where a certain procedure is stuck”.

The system, which Veljanovski said was a novelty in the Balkans, will also cut the cost and time needed to print the many documents key to the normal work of the assembly.

Along with the new system Veljanovski introduced the new redesigned web page of the parliament that as he said offers more comprehensive and accessible data than the previous site. Among others the page offers virtual tours of the assembly.

The legislators will use the period until the March 22 elections when the parties agreed not to hold plenary sessions to get to know the new software, and will start using it live in April.

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