Shrovetide Festivities Culminate in Carnivals

resizer105Traditional Shrovetide festivities culminated after nearly two weeks of events taking place across the country with carnivals in numerous Slovenian towns.

Slovenia’s biggest carnival took place in Ptuj, a town in north-eastern Slovenia with a rich cultural tradition that can be traced back to the Roman times when it was called Petovia.

The Ptuj carnival procession, which was organised for 49th consecutive year, included 2,500 participants from Slovenia and abroad. Nearly 700 of the were “kurenti” – one of the most distinctive Slovenia’s traditional Shrovetide costumes – stemming from the Ptuj region.

Another traditional carnival took place in Cerknica, where the procession included Butalci – traditional costumes of stupid residents of an imaginary village of Butale.

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