Italy Donates 2 Mln Eur To Kosovo Security Force

resizer156Italy will be donating 2 million euros to the newly formed Kosovo Security Force, a NATO sponsored army established as part of Kosovo’s status arrangements for its declaration of independence of last year.

Kosovo’s deputy Prime Minister Hajredin Kuci announced the grant after meeting with Italy’s ambassador to Kosovo, Michael Giffoni, on Thursday, along with Fehmi Mujota, the Minister for the Kosovo Security Force, KSF, and KSF deputy commander Rrahman Rama.

“We appreciate this contribution at a time in which we are building Kosovo’s Security Force, at a time when it needs financial support and logistics, at the same time appreciating this as political support for the KSF”, said Kuci, noting the good cooperation between the Italian Ambassador and Kosovo’s government. 

The announcement came a week after Italy’s parliament approved the donation. Mujota said the funds will be “spent in the most transparent way as possible and in the areas that most need it”.

The United States have already provided the force with army uniforms, while Germany has equipped them with firearms. The training of the force is handled by British KFOR troops.

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