Macedonia is not afraid of Bulgarian investments: parliament chair

Sofia/Skopje. Macedonian parliament chairperson Trajko Veljanovski is on a visit to Bulgaria. In a statement at the Bulgarian National Assembly on Thursday, Veljanovski and his Bulgarian counterpart, Georgi Pirinski, said that Macedonia and Bulgaria must not let the stereotypes of the past and the unfriendly commentaries ruin the good political and economic relations between the two countries, Macedonian Kanal 5 television reports.

After the meeting of the two parliamentary chairpersons, Mr. Pirinski expressed his satisfaction that the information about the moving of the Bulgarian cemeteries in Macedonia is not true.

Bulgarian National Assembly chairperson declared that the two parliaments must develop their partnership and avoid accidental and ungrounded statements. He refused to comment on the statement of Sofia mayor Boyko Borisov, who a month ago said that Bulgaria must make Macedonia recognize the true history through economic interference.

“Everyone has to assume responsibility over his/her words. Today, I had talks with parliament’s chairperson over the improvement of the good bilateral relations”, Pirinski said.

Veljanovski, on the other hand, said in a statement before Bulgarian MPs, that he was not afraid of Bulgarian investors.

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