Croatia Will Be Shocked How Much Serbs Spied Them

Many will be surprised how successful our intelligence services were in Serbian-Croatian spying war, a Serbian spy said.

The priority of Serbian intelligence services is currently Kosovo, as well as collecting documents for a counter lawsuit before the International Court of Justice against Croatia.

– Once the process starts, many will be surprised successful our intelligence services were in Serbian-Croatian spying war – a high official of the Serbian intelligence service told Press Online.

He reminded that Croats boasted about intercepting phone calls, but pointed out that the function of secret services was not to boast with that.

The official does not believe that Jovica Stanisic worked for the secret services and added that Belgrade was becoming the centre of spying activity in the region, although this does not mean all operations are directed against Serbia.

Jovica Stanisic, head of the Serbian intelligence service during the time when Slobodan Milosevic was the Serbian president, who was charged before The Hague Tribunal with war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, was the most important man of US Central Intelligence Agency in Belgrade in the 90s.

– When we want to work in Italy, we send a team to Vienna, not directly to Milan. Americans over here are mostly interested in Russians, while anything about NATO is most important to the Russians – the source revealed to Press Online. According to him, British services are best organised in Serbia.

– Croats mostly dig in Serbia, because they have most interest – the secret services official concluded.

According to him, the CIA is least organised in Serbia.

Confidential information for a hundred euros

– The most important thing for us is to uncover espionage, to see where the information leaks from. After that, a decision is made with the state top to see if extradition would be demanded, if the spy would be recruited for counter-espionage or simply the entire situation be used as credit for when our agents do stupid things in their countries – the agent said.

He pointed out it was a great misconception that millions were turned in espionage, because information can be attained for a hundred euros.

– We pay too. Especially documents on crimes of the other side. We buy cassettes of Albanian terrorists, as well as various documents from wars in former Yugoslavia. But alright, you will see that soon – the Serbian intelligence agent said.

After talking with the Serbian intelligence agent, Press Online tried to communicate with CIA officials concerning the Stanisic case, but the agency`s spokesperson refused to answer.

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