Former Albanian defence minister sues general prosecutor

TIRANA, Albania – Former Defence Minister Fatmir Mediu’s lawyers have sued General Prosecutor Ina Rama for allegedly disclosing information from the investigation of the deadly blasts last year in Gerdec, media reported on Monday (March 23rd).

Mediu is among 28 officials charged in connection with the March 2008 ammunition depot explosions that killed 26 people and injured nearly 300. Mediu has also filed a lawsuit against Sokol Stojani, chief prosecutor in the Gerdec case, for allegedly disclosing facts while the investigation was ongoing. 

In other news, local media reported on Monday that NATO membership will cost Albania millions of euros in military upgrades and staff training. The defence ministry plans to buy two helicopters worth nearly 8m euros. Albania will spend another 5.8m euros on ships and other sea patrol equipment. It is expected to become a NATO member in two weeks.

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