Bulgaria Freezes Ex Deputy PM’s Assets

resizer188Bulgaria’s Criminal Assets Forfeiture Commission on Tuesday imposed a ban on funds and property worth 828,000 leva (423,500 euro) owned by Alexander Tomov, a former deputy prime minister and now president of CSKA Sofia football club and executive director of Kremikovtzi steel plant.

Tomov is under investigation for embezzlement while working at Kremikovtzi and CSKA. The Criminal Assets Forfeiture Commission said that the income reported by Tomov and his wife did not correspond with the value of the property and assets the couple owned. 

The commission said that the difference between the reported and the likely actual salary and assets came to the equivalent of about 5000 minimum salaries.

Tomov’s assets will be confiscated if the charges are proven in court. On 6 February, Tomov and three others were accused of embezzling 36 million leva from Kremikovtzi and CSKA. They have denied the charges.

Both the plant and the football club were owned by Indian tycoon Pramod Mittal who put Tomov in charge of his operations in Bulgaria. Later, Kremikovtzi and CSKA entered a financial crisis. The club was recently sold to Bulgarian refuse collecting company Titan AC for 10 million euro, according to Tomov’s words. Kremikovtzi, on the other hand, is verging on collapse.

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