Bulgaria Right Wing Seeks End of Dependence on Russia

1126649621Bulgaria’s two biggest opposition right-wing parties have called for a moratorium on moves that would secure the country’s dependence on Russia after the current government steps down.

The statement was triggered by the Socialist-led ruling coalition’s last minute efforts to negotiate a new contract with Russian energy giant Gazprom and Russian funding for the construction of Belene nuclear power plant.

“These contracts are a heavy financial burden for Bulgaria, which it will have to carry for decades on end. Generations of Bulgarian citizens will have to pay the multi-billion credit from Russia,” the leaders of the Union of Democratic Forces (UDF) and Democrats for Strong Bulgaria (DSB) said in a joint statement.

According to them the pro-Russian policy of the current government will be abandoned by their successors as it runs counter a declaration of the National Assembly from 1997 for the development of equal and mutually-benefiting relations with the Russian Federation.

Bulgaria will hold general elections this summer.

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