Gambia Recognises Kosovo

resizer40Gambia recognized Kosovo last night, becoming the 57 state to do so.

Located in Western Africa, the ex British colony’s population is 90 per cent Muslim.

According to Kosovo’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Gambia’s recognition follows the latest meeting of Kosovo’s head of diplomacy, Skender Hyseni, with Gambia’s ambassador to United Nations, Susan Waffa-Ogoo.

“In a special meeting between Kosovo’s Foreign Minister Hyseni and Susan Waffa – Ogoo, on March 26, Waffa-Ogoo announced Gambia’s recognition of Kosovo”, Kosovo’s Foreign Ministryannounced.

Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia on February 17th, 2008, and has since been recognized by 57 sovereign states, amongst them, 22 EU member states.

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