Romania names new ambassador to neighbouring Moldova


Lawmakers chose Mihnea Constantinescu as new ambassador to Moldova on Wednesday (April 8th) after the expulsion of the previous ambassador, Filip Teodorescu.

The move came after Chisinau accused Bucharest of interfering in the country’s domestic affairs by backing the riots that broke out on Tuesday following Sunday’s elections.

“The influence of Romania is felt very strongly here, as is the hand of Romania’s secret services,” Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin said. Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc rejected the accusation, adding “It’s unacceptable that the communist powers in Chisinau transfer the blame for internal Moldovan problems to Romania.”

The foreign policy committees in the two chambers of Romania’s parliament decided unanimously to support Constantinescu’s nomination. However, Moldova must approve of Constantinescu’s nomination. It gave Teodorescu 24 hours to leave Chisinau, along with embassy official Ioan Gaborean.

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