Romanians vote for Members of the European Parliament


Romanians began voting Sunday morning to choose 33 people who will serve as representatives of the country in the European Parliament for the next five years, Romanian Mediafax agency reported.

A total of over 18 million registered voters are expected to cast ballots between 7:00 am (GMT 0400) and 9:00 pm (GMT 1800) in 18,317 polling stations, of which 190 have been set up abroad.

Elections for the European Parliament started on June 4 and end on June 7. Beside Romanians, voters in France, Germany, Spain and Poland are also expected to elect their MEPs Sunday.

The first official results, that will give a glimpse of the future EU Parliament’s political color, will be released starting 11:00 pm (GMT 2000) after exit-polls published by each EU country.

Voter turnouts are expected to be lower than the 45.5% recorded at the EP election in 2004.

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